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Mersen High Power Engineered Products

Mersen has the switch solution that will meet your unique needs. Mersen offers one of the largest product ranges and is the worldwide leader in the market.


Mersen designs and manufactures Electrical Protection and Control Systems consisting of switches, contactors, fuse and control components in a customized industry certified enclosure for Low Voltage to Medium Voltage High Power (High Current) Protection and Control Systems for AC/DC applications. 


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MARKET SEGMENT Rail and Traction Power Power Generation & Conversion High Power Utilization Low Voltage Protection & Control for Critical Loads within Utility Infrastructure
(Customized Solutions)
Low Voltage Protection & Control for Critical Loads within Building Infrastructure
(Configurable Panels)
PRODUCTS Load break/isolation switches with visible blades
• Changeover and quick closing grounding switchgear
• Load break contactors
• Auxiliary power and control systems
• AC/DC Changeover or Grounding Switches
• AC/DC Changeover or Isolation Power Transfer Systems
• DC Excitation Contactors
• DC Isolation Switches
• DC switches for bypass and shorting/grounding
• Changeover switches
• Fuse Cabinets
• Custom Control Enclosures
• Automatic Transfer Switches
• Metering Cabinets
• Safety Switches
• Generator Plug Box
• Custom and Configurable Panels (ES, MES, FCP, QMB, CPP, EDS Panels)
SOLUTIONS/ APPLICATIONS • Traction Power Substation / Wayside Distribution
• Traction Power Onload / Offload Local Isolation of the DC Distribution Systems
• Heavy/Light Rail Vehicles Carhouse DC Distribution for maintenance
• Auxiliary load protection/control
• Load break/isolation, grounding applications
• Power Generation Plant Generator Output
• AC/DC Power Conversion Plants
• Generator Step Up Substations
• Switchgear / Contactors for Field Excitation Systems
• Metals Processing
(copper, alum, steel, etc.) rectifier output or DC Arc furnaces isolation
• Mining rectifier output
• Chemical electrolysis cell isolation, bypass and shorting / grounding
• Medium Voltage (MV) Isolation / Grounding for Motors / Drives
• Energy Storage Systems Isolation
• Utility System Control Circuits
• Utility / Industrial Custom Fuse Protection
• Harsh, corrosive, low temperature  environment applications 
• Lighting Controls
• Emergency back up generator interface systems
• Construction (Critical infrastructure such as hospitals, warehouse data centers, government buildings)
• Critical Power Applications
• Emergency circuits
• Code solutions
• Utility control circuits


Our standard High Power Switches are rigorously engineered to meet your technical specifications. Mersen’s High Power Switches encompass different ranges of proven technologies (Flohe-Fouilleret, Soule, Berg, Hundt & Weber, and Lenoir Elec) that gives us worldwide recognized expertise in Switching and Disconnecting. This expertise includes a wide range of DC and AC switches and disconnectors designed to handle high current and medium voltage applications. Our offerings include rectifier output switches, disconnect switches in both AC and DC, transfer switches for AC and DC, cell switches and medium voltages AC switches, and AC earthing switches. For more information, see our capabilities brochure: 


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Mersen designs and manufactures Electrical Protection and Control Systems consisting of switches, contactors, fuse and control components in a customized industry certified enclosure for Low Voltage to Medium Voltage High Power (High Current) Protection and Control Systems for AC/DC applications. 


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Design Criteria

  • Design & build customer technical specifications with reference to industry standards
  • Offer solutions for customers having issues (safety, protection, performance, etc.) in their electrical system without any reference to a specific technical documentation/standard
  • Training and commissioning of the equipment/sub-systems

Key Benefits

  • Protect people, equipment and processes
  • Minimize costly downtime & repairs
  • Reduce electrical risk e.g. arc flash hazard
  • Remote control of the power systems
  • Offer reduced dependance on external suppliers by utilizing Mersen broad component portfolio

Scope of Work

  • Current Ratings: up to 200kA
  • Voltage Ratings AC: 120VAC to 38 kVAC
  • Voltage Ratings DC: up to 2000 VDC
  • Various Installation Mounting Options (wall, floor, pole, ceiling, busbar)
  • Enclosed: TYPE (NEMA) 1, 12, 3R, 4, 4X metallic and non-metallic options
  • Method of Operations: Manual, motor operated, pneumatic, remote (SCADA, PLC)


Does not cover:

  • Medium Voltage Onload systems
  • High Voltage systems
  • Explosion proof equipment 

Application Questionnaires

Innovative High Power Switch systems and assemblies are custom made. When you need more than just a switch, Mersen’s world-class engineering team is ready to provide custom engineering and fabrication to build the High Power Switch system or assembly you need, exactly the way you need it. Mersen’s team of design engineers are bold problem-solvers who enjoy meeting your High Power Switch challenges head on with innovative engineering and creative solutions. Our engineers incorporate design and construction features that ensure each switch performs reliably, whether it’s a rectifier output switch operated once a year or a change-over switch system in an enclosed panel actuated dozens of times a day.  


Let us know what your requirements are, and we will help you find a solution, using our product questionnaires below:

Extended Services and Solutions

If you have your product or equipment needs a design change, or is being used for different applications, our technical team will help determine if the switching and protection system needs to be changed as well. We offer technical support through our product lifecycle and yours.   

Mersen has built switching and protection systems for hundreds of users, and supports the product with maintenance, timely shipping and replacement parts so that your critical loads stay online.

Market Drivers

Infrastructure Spending by Government Entities

  • The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 investing into domestic energy production while promoting clean energy (reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030) 

-    Electrical distribution, energy storage including Hydrogen, isolation & grounding, control circuitry

-    Building retrofits for electrification and efficiency

-    Domestic green manufacturing

  • Upgrade and expansion of Transit Systems
  • New, refurbished, and expanded power generation plants


Obsolescence / Replacement (Retrofitting)

  • Upgrade and/or retrofit high power equipment and systems in transit, power generation, chemical, mining facilities  

Code or Regulatory Changes

  • Lack of investment in new transmission or generation may cause expansion of existing facilities in power transmission or generation
  • Enhanced Safety Regulations (ASME/ANSI, NFP, NEC)
  • Government Incentives in increase in use of Electric Vehicles


General Economic Growth Drivers

  • Population growth, increased use of electricity and consumer goods



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