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MFCP Configurator

The MFCP Configurator lets Mersen partners design your own custom-configured Fused Coordination Panelboard by selecting the ratings, features, and options you want via a graphical interface. The MFCP Configurator will also provide a quote and download a PDF of the configured job. Mersen engineers will also work with you to design a solution that fits your requirements.

Access to the MFCP Configurator is by a separate user name and login from the login used to access For access to the MFCP Configurator, please contact your Mersen Regional Manager.

Click to access the MFCP Configurator login page.


NOTE: The Mersen Configurator tool is officially supported in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Please use the latest version of these browsers for optimal performance. Internet Explorer is not supported.
Updating your browser:
Please note that we only support the latest version of every supported browser. If an issue you are experiencing in a certain browser cannot be replicated in a different browser, make sure the main browser you are working with has been updated to the latest version.


  • Display may vary between browsers. For example, fonts do not always render in the same way between browsers. This is not something that can be controlled inside your editor and has to do with the ways browsers function.
  • Beta versions of supported browsers are not supported.
  • If there are issues with the editor in a certain browser, make sure they aren't caused by extensions that have been installed in the browsers.