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  • Curves and Drawings
  • MEV50A for EV
  • Fuses and Fusegear
  • MHi-T
  • Compact Fused Switch
  • Surge-Trap STXH
  • gBat fuse for EES

At Mersen, Safety is Our Number One Priority

Learn more about how Mersen is supporting our customers and our staff during the Coronavirus crisis

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Curves and Outline Drawings

Curves for over 3,000 products plus over 2,500 outline drawings are now available on individual product pages

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New MEV50 fuses for Electric Vehicles

Discover our latest addition to our Over Current Protection Devices for 500VDC EV applications

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Global Line of Fuses, Fusegear, and Fuse Systems

Global fuses and fusegear to meet local standards

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MHi-T™ Laminated Bus Bar for High Temperature Applications

MHi-T bus bars are built to take the heat, with increased working temperatures up to 180° C to address Silicon Carbide electronics challenges

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Mersen's Compact Fused Switch

Incorporates switch functionality with the high protection level of a fuse

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Whole-House Surge Protection with Mersen’s Surge-Trap® STXH

Add a critical layer of surge protection for your entire home

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NH fuses for Electrical energy & Battery storage system

New range for DC line protection in EES applications
gBat fuses available in 1000VDC and 1500VDC

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Case Studies
Case Studies showcase the exciting ways that Mersen has solved customers' problems with a variety of product and technology approaches. Check out Mersen’s library of Case Studies. You may see an answer that may help you!
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