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Mersen Expands Line of Amp-Trap® 15.5KV E-Rated Bolt-In Transformer Fuses

27-10-2023  -  New products
15.5kV MV Bolt-In Transformer Fuses product photo

Mersen is excited to announce the expansion of its line of Amp-Trap 15.5kV E-rated bolt-in transformer fuses. By expanding the coverage of the bolt-in mount fuses at the 15.5kV voltage class to 10E-300E ratings, Mersen can now provide superior protection to a wider range of applications.

Mersen’s Amp-Trap E-rated fuses have been used extensively and are trusted to protect gear and transformers. Because of the simplicity and ruggedness of a bolted connection, there is an industry trend to increasingly utilize bolt-in fuses in medium voltage equipment. With this expanded range, OEMs can incorporate these UL listed, current-limiting fuses directly onto bus or terminal connections. This provides a simpler design with fewer components as well as a visibly secure connection. 

Mersen’s Amp-Trap E-Rated fuses are designed to withstand the transformer magnetizing inrush current while delivering overload and short circuit protection. The expanded 15.5kV range includes single, double, and triple barrels, all with a 3-inch diameter (size D). End mounts are designed for bolting directly to equipment bus or terminal pads. 

For more information about Mersen Amp-Trap 15.5kV E-rated bolt-in transformer fuses, visit the product page. For more information about Mersen, visit