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Approvals & Standards

  • IEC/EN 60 947-3
  • For NH fuse-links size 000/00 in accordance with IEC/EN 60269-2, VDE 0636-2

Key features & benefits

The production programme of MULTIBLOC® 00.RST9 comprises NH fuse switch disconnectors for 160A.
Products are designed in triple pole units for direct installation on to 40 mm and 60mm bus bar systems.
For installation of MULTIBLOC® NH fuse switch disconnectors of different sizes in distribution units with central cover, respective covers are used to obtain a uniform profile in height and length.
MULTIBLOC® size 00 are designed for NH fuse-links in accordance with IEC/EN 60269-2, VDE 0636-2, size 00: 160A.
The system is a modular system, which allows the installation and combination of individual components. MULTIBLOC® offers the user the possibility of fast and easy installation as well as a high degree of security during installation and maintenance.

More specifications


  • House incoming units
  • Meter distribution units
  • Measuring transformer cabinets
  • Transmitting stations for telecommunications

Product Specifications

Item Number


Catalogue No.



NH fuse-switch disconnector MULTIBLOC® Size 00 160A 3-Pole switching Bus bar system 60mm Connection Clamp Strap / Screw clamp straps M8  




50 ... 60   Hz

Rated voltage AC IEC

690   V

Rated voltage DC IEC

440   V

Ampere Rating

160   A

Utilization Category

AC 23 B @ Ue = AC 400 V; Ie = 160 A  

Utilization Category

AC 22 B @ Ue = AC 500 V; Ie = 160 A  

Utilization Category

AC 21 B @ Ue = AC 690 V; Ie = 160 A  

Utilization Category

DC 22 B @ Ue = DC 220 V; Ie = 160 A  

Utilization Category

DC 21 B @ Ue = DC 440 V; Ie = 100 A  


Triple pole switching  

ROHS Compliant


Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

80kA@Ue = AC 400 V; Ie = 160 A / 80kA@Ue = AC 500 V; Ie = 160 A / 80kA@Ue = AC 690 V; Ie = 125 A  

Fuse Size


Number of Poles


Degree of Pollution


Rated Duty

uninterrupted duty  

Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage

8   kV

Rated Insulation Voltage

1000   V

Rated SC Withstand

4 kA / 1 s  

Conventional Free Air thermal Current With Fuse-Links Ith

160   A

Conventional Free Air thermal Current - Solid Links

200   A

Max Power dissipation of Fuse Links Pn

12   W

Max Power dissipation of Solid Links Pn

1.2   W

Power Dissipation by Ith without Fuse-Links

12   W

Power Dissipation by Ith without Solid Links

19   W

Rated short circuit making capacity with solid links Icm

6.2   kA

Installation Mounting

Bus bar system 60 mm (snap on)  


Cable termination components : 3 M8 terminal screws, 3 clamp straps 4–70 mm²  

Product Weight

2.05   lb

Product Width

4.25   in

Product Length

3.76   in

Product Height

7.95   in

Sell Pack Quantity

1   EACH

Sell Pack Weight

2.05   lb

Sell Pack Width

4.37   in

Sell Pack Length

8.07   in

Sell Pack Height

4.72   in