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Approvals & Standards

  • IEC/EN 60269-3
  • VDE 0636-3

Key features & benefits

INNOZED® is a fuse base for D0 fuse-links, sizes D01 and D02.
It is designed for a fast mounting on DIN–rail in distribution boards and panels, for residential and industrial applications.

INNOZED® has an integrated touch protection cover, that prevents from electrocution in built-in status. The use of comb-type busbars allows the positioning of the wires to be visually controlled. The use of wiring bus bars in the lower area of the terminal allows an easier insertion of the wires and visual control of the termination points at the same time.

INNOZED® allows a flexibility in the connection configuration. The fixing clamps consist of two separate compartments, that ensures a secure connection of two different wires. It is possible to use wires with different cross-sections from 4mm² to 35mm² or two similar wires up to 16mm² cross section.

More specifications


  • Distribution boards for residential use
  • panel boards for industrial use

Product Specifications

Item Number


Catalogue No.


Item Description (ERP)

D01 base INNOZED E14-3p  

Short Description

INNOZED® , D0 fuse-bases with touch protection D01 base INNOZED E14-3p  




50   Hz

Rated voltage AC IEC

400   V

Rated voltage DC IEC

250   V

Ampere Rating

16   A

ROHS Compliant


Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

50 kA (AC), 8 kA (DC)  

Fuse Size


Body/Insulating Material


Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage

6   kV

Max Power dissipation of Fuse Links Pn

2.5   W

Installation Mounting

DIN rail acc. EN 60715  

Product Weight

0.535   lb

Product Width

3.19   in

Product Length

2.4   in

Product Height

2.68   in

Sell Pack Quantity

3   Each

Sell Pack Weight

1.605   lb

Sell Pack Width

3.54   in

Sell Pack Length

9.84   in

Sell Pack Height

2.76   in