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Approvals & Standards


  • UL Listed to Standard 248-9 File E2137
  • CSA Certified to Standard C22.2 No. 248.9 (The Canadian Electrical Code requires these fuses in ratings 15 through 60A to be of the low melting point design; use OTN 15-60.)
  • Self-certified for DC per UL248


Key features & benefits

One-Time OT and OTN general purpose fuses provide low cost protection for feeder and branch-circuits serving lighting, heating, and other non-motor loads. OT and OTN fuses will safely interrupt available short-circuit currents up to 50,000 amperes in all ratings. OT and OTN fuses are not rejection fuses and care should be taken to ensure that replacement fuses do not have lower interrupting ratings than original fuses. OTN(15-60) satisfy the Canadian electrical code requirement for Type P low melting-point, non-time-delay fuses.

More specifications



  • Feeders
  • Branch circuits
  • Resistive heating
  • Residential and small commercial installations


Product Specifications

Item Number


Item Description (ERP)

250V 25A 2x9/16 K5 FUSE  

Short Description

Fuse Amp-Trap® 250V 25A Fast-Acting Class K5 OT Series  



Rated voltage AC UL

250   V

Rated voltage DC UL

250   V

Ampere Rating

25   A

ROHS Compliant


Fuse Class

Class K5  





AC Max I.R./Breaking Capacity: I1

50   kA

Connection/Terminal Material


Connection/Terminal Type


Body/Insulating Material


Product Weight

0.04   lb

Product Diameter

0.56   in

Product Length

2   in

Sell Pack Quantity

10   Each

Sell Pack Weight

0.42   lb

Sell Pack Width

2.06   in

Sell Pack Length

3   in

Sell Pack Height

1.19   in