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Bus Bar for Industrial

The rough and rugged world of the industrial environment demands a constant and consistent supply of quality products delivered right to the production floor. Mersen’s industrial bus bar design solutions extend over half a century, delivering the ultimate in optimized, laminated bus bars to countless manufacturers of motor drives, fork lift trucks, welding machines, power generators, industrial testing machines, and much more. Mersen’s laminated bus bar designs provide application specific characteristics, achieving a consistent level of performance that cannot be matched through wires,
cables, or simple bars of copper.

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Motor Drive Bus Bar

Thin copper conductors, separated by insulation material of only thousandths of an inch, provides the ultimate in low inductance for IGBT-based motor drives. Incorporating electrolytic capacitors into the same structure simplifies packaging, and reduces the effects of transient overshoots. Note the addition Snubber Capacitors and Resistors built into the laminated bus bar.


Size: 7” x 9” | Thickness: .040” | Voltage: 475VDC | Current: 150A


Capacitor Bus Bar for Motor Drive

Six electrolytic capacitors are easily connected to this edge sealed, two-layer laminated bus bar providing a low inductance power path for a low horsepower, variable speed motor drive. Note the use of a bonded insulator strip along the length of the bus bar to provide additional “creepage” protection between the plus and minus terminals.


Size: 1.8” x 6.3” | Thickness: .040” | Voltage: 480VDC | Current: 60A


Fork Lift Truck Bus Bar

Six-conductor, laminated bus bar assembly combines DC and AC bus bars, as well as a fuse link, all in one compact package. The system is designed to fit perfectly in a limited space and provides power to a variable speed motor in a rugged industrial environment.


Size: 7” x 7” | Current: 150A | Voltage: 42V | Conductors: .060”


Variable Frequency Drive

This simple, yet complex design incorporates DC and AC bus bars, plus accommodations for three current sensors at the AC output points, all built into a flexible, geometric package designed to fit into a tight, confined operating area.


Size: 10” x 15” | Current: 100A | Voltage: 550VDC | Conductors: .040” & .060”


Rack Mount Power Distribution

Mounted inside a circuit breaker power tray, individual bus bars are nested in a machined FR-4 frame to provide output connections. This assembly assures proper safety separation as well as single component installation.


Size: 6” x 12” | Voltage: 48V | Current: 280A | Conductors: .125”


Laminated Bus Bar With Hinged Connection Joints

Innovative laminated bus bar with hinged connection joints allows ease of access to components such as IGBT and capacitors installed under the bus bars in tight assemblies.
This robust and effective bus bar design reduces inverter stack assembly foot print as well as cutting down on maintenance time.


Size: 7.1” x 7.2” | Voltage: 2500V | Current: 150A


Motor Armature Bus Bar

This three-layer bus bar is laminated with a mold-sealed construction and has nine “crown clip” power connectors that distribute power from the power supply onto the backplane. Glass mounting supports are bonded to the structure creating a rigid installation.


Size: 20” diameter | Conductor: .125” | Voltage: 48V | Current: 250A per layer