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Bus Bar for Energy

As the depletion of fossil fuels drives our attention towards renewable energy sources to power our daily lives, Mersen’s laminated bus bars can be found in new, but familiar territory. Whether it’s in Solar, Wind Power, or Fuel Cells, the creation of DC energy feeds directly through Mersen’s low inductance laminated bus bars into an IGBT and capacitor circuit, delivering the safe and efficient power our customers demand. Mersen’s quality-engineered laminated bus bars use state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques that minimize weight and maximize simplicity.

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Solar Power

Multilayer, laminated bus bar used in a Photovoltaic Inverter application. Diodes, IGBT, SiC or GaN modules and Electrolytic Capacitors are all easily interconnected in one compact power distribution structure.


Size: 16” x 28” | Voltage: 48VDC | Current: 240A | Conductors: .050”


Industrial Power

This laminated bus bar design demonstrates excellent packaging efficiency. By designing all electrical connection points for the IGBT, SiC or GaN modules, Capacitors, I/O, and monitoring devices in one clean bus bar, overall system reliability is improved and optimal electrical performance is assured.


Size: 16” x 28” | Thickness: .093” & .25” | Voltage: 480V | Current: 240A


Premium Audio / PCB Bus Bar

Uniquely designed two-layer, 18 conductor, PCB-style bus bar saves valuable board space while delivering low-impedance power to power-semiconductors in automotive sound systems. All conductors are made of .025” copper, plated for solder-ability and the entire assembly is formed at a right angle.


Size: 2” x 10” | Conductors: .025” | Voltage: 12VDC | Current: 6A to 16A


Redundant Power Input

When system requirements call for redundant power supplies, laminated bus bars are ideal. This two-layer design utilizes press-fit sockets for power supply input, and mates downstream with a custom power distribution network.


Size: 3.5” x 8” | Voltage: 48VDC | Conductors: .125” | Current: 50A