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Mersen to Present at 2023 IEEE Electric Ship Technology Symposium (ESTS)

19-07-2023  -  News releases
ESTS Schematic

Mersen will be presenting a new paper, “Laminated bus bars: Improving safety and reliability in new maritime applications,” at the IEEE Electric Ship Technology Symposium, August 1-4, 2023, in Alexandria, VA.


Maritime transportation, like many other modes of mobility, is confronting environmental challenges and transitioning towards greater electrification. In this context, laminated bus bars play a crucial role in the power conversion chain, as they are required to meet new requirements for safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, laminated bus bars can present new opportunities for addressing the challenges of battery applications in a safe and efficient manner. By leveraging the advantages of laminated bus bars, such as their high conductivity, compactness, and reliability, it is possible to design more effective and sustainable solutions for maritime transportation and other industries. Laminated bus bars are poised to play an increasingly important role in the transition to a cleaner and more efficient future. 

Register to attend this important conference to learn more about this topic and how Mersen continues to take the lead in the development of technologies for Electric Marine.

In addition to presenting this new paper, Mersen will also be exhibiting a wide variety of products to support the rapid advancements in electric marine technology: 

  • Mersen’s revolutionary IsoMAXX vacuum brazed cold plates provide an  optimum cooling pattern below the newest PrimePACK™ IGBT modules.
  • Designed for DC applications, Mersen’s DC fuses offer  superior protection for DC applications,  particularly in battery container or inverter protection.
  • Mersen’s Infini∞Cell is a rapid  battery to bus bar connectivity process  to support  various battery assembly systems and is designed for e-mobility and battery energy storage applications to provide high efficiency and high flexibility.
  • Mersen’s capacitors can be custom made to provide a best “fit and function” in electric marine applications.

Click to learn more about Mersen’s portfolio for the Military/Vessels market and to learn more about Mersen’s custom offering for bus bar and cooling. For more information about Mersen, visit