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MERSEN Launches Three New Products

12-11-2019  -  New products

NEWBURYPORT, MA  - November 12, 2019  Global Electrical Power and Advanced Materials leader Mersen is excited to announce the availability of the new Compact PDB Series and Compact Fused Disconnect Switch, part of Mersen’s Compact EP line of products, as well as the innovative dual HP10M and HP15M Dual Fuse series.


  • Mersen’s Compact Fused Disconnect incorporates switch functionality with the high protection level of a fuse. The switch accepts UL class CC fuses up to 30A. In addition to this, the Compact Fused Disconnect is UL 98 listed and suitable for use as main/feeder device and, in conjunction with CC fuses, is rated for branch circuit protection. It has a smaller footprint compared to a traditional Class CC disconnect with a max interrupting rating of 200kA.

The compact form factor and ease of installation makes it a great choice for panel builders. The easy lockout/tagout feature and IP20 rating ensures additional safety along with the built-in switch capability.

  • Mersen’s Compact PDBs are an expansion of Mersen’s finger safe IP20-rated Power Distribution Blocks series. The compact footprint allows space savings in panels, contributing to reduced panel size when compared to traditional power distribution blocks.

The Compact PDB is ideal for low voltage applications. Rated for UL-600V, ampere range of 85-250A, it can accommodate wire ranges AWG 18-3/0, catering to a wide range of low voltage applications. The PDBs can be DIN rail mounted, are dual wire rated, and are capable of DLO wire acceptance allowing ease of installation. Translucent covers allow visual inspection of wire termination points and wiring configurations.

The Compact Fused Disconnect Switch and Compact PDB Series are part of Mersen’s Compact EP family of products.

  • Mersen’s HP10M and HP15M Dual Fuse series is designed specifically for the protection of enhanced photovoltaic systems employing increased string current aggregation. Their precision resistance matched fuse construction ensures balanced load sharing, making them ideal for continuous temperature and current cycling withstand adding to system longevity. The 1000VDC-rated HP10M and 1500VDC-rated HP15M, designed for low minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse rated current value, allow for safe circuit interruption under typical low fault current conditions produced by PV arrays. The tin plated Crimp Cap (CC) wire-crimpable and solderable terminals accept #8 AWG stranded copper PV wire.

Mersen’s HP10M and HP15M Dual Fuses are part of the HelioProtection® family of products. Mersen Products marked with the HelioProtection brand name have been tested and certified to the latest industry standards for use in photovoltaic applications and guarantee the level of performance required by the PV industry.

The Compact Fused Switch, Compact PDBs, and Dual Fuse products are available immediately. For more information, visit the Compact Fused Switch product page, the Compact PDB product page, the HP10M Dual Fuse product page, the HP15M Dual Fuse product page, or the Mersen website.



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