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Mersen introduces HP15MxxR HelioProtection® Fuses

30-07-2021  -  New products

Mersen is excited to announce the launch of the Gen2 of its HelioProtection series of HP15M solar fuses. These new fuses have been designed and tested to more stringent standards, but the form factor, electrical performance, and pricing remain the same.

Mersen’s Gen2 of the HP15M photovoltaic (PV) fuse series is designed specifically to meet the severe temperature and current cycling of a PV system. These 1500VDC rated fuses are designed for low minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse rated current value, which allows for safe circuit interruption under typical low fault current conditions. 

In addition to the standard ferrule terminal, these fuses are also available with Crimp Cap terminals for in-line applications. The unique wire crimp terminal (CC option) permits solderless wire-to-fuse connection for overmold encapsulation of fuse and wiring. 

For more information about Mersen’s HP15MxxR 1500V solar fuses, visit the product page. For more information about Mersen, visit