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MillerCoors is the second largest American style beer maker in the country and an industry leader in brewing and bottling malt beverages. MillerCoors of Albany, Georgia had been actively taking steps toward improving their electrical infrastructure and safety levels.


MillerCoors streamlined its fuse inventory using Mersen’s Fuse Control Program.


  • Within three months, MillerCoors cut their operation costs and reduced excess inventory by 40% by utilizing Fuse Control and upgrading to Amp-Trap 2000® fuses
  • Not only did Fuse Control streamline inventory, but Mersen cleaned the storeroom bins, disposed of dead inventory and re-labeled the new bins leaving a clean and organized look. In the end, MillerCoors was able to eliminate 44 of the original 117 fuse bins
  • By streamlining their fuse inventory and upgrading to Amp-Trap 2000 fuses, MillerCoors took a giant step forward to providing the safest work environment possible for its employees, a requirement now mandated by OSHA and NFPA regulations