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Download steps for finding your document in the Mersen Document Center:


Follow these steps to find your document in the Mersen Document Center:

  • Select “Services & Documents” and navigate to “Document Center”
  • Click “Filter” to narrow the search for the document you want
  • Ways to filter – you can use one, two, or three categories:
    • “NAME”: Type in the document name or words in document title
      • Use quotation marks to narrow your search, such as “High Speed Fuses”
      • Try to choose a unique word in the title of your document. “Fuses” will produce many responses!
    • “LANGUAGE”: Choose the language that the document is in
    • “CATEGORY”: Select what category of document you have from pull-down menu. Categories include brochures, charts, drawings, etc.
    • Click “Enter” on keyboard or click on magnifying glass to initiate search and display results.
  • Click download button to download document.
  • Remember to remove the filters before starting your next search (or your new search will reflect your old search criteria).