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Approvals & Standards

  • UL Recognized Component File E60314
  • Tested by UL to CSA standard C22.2 No. 248.1

Key features & benefits

Mersen low-voltage capacitor fuses provide advanced safety for power correction and harmonic filtering equipment. A capacitor fuse isolates a shorted capacitor before it can damage surrounding equipment or personnel. Typical capacitor failures occur when the internal dielectric can no longer withstand the applied voltage, resulting in a low impedance current path and generating excessive heat and pressure that can cause violent case rupture. Mersen A60C fuses will isolate the shorted capacitor before case rupture occurs while routinely withstanding inrush current at startup.

More specifications


  • Advanced safety for power correction and harmonic filtering equipment

Product Specifications

Item number


Item Description (ERP)

93540-FUSE,FORM 480  

Short Description

Capacitor Fuse 600V 175A Screw-in Mount A60C Series  



Rated voltage AC UL

600   V

Ampere Rating

175   A


Direct Mount  

AC Max I.R./Breaking Capacity: I1

200   kA

Connection/Terminal Material

Silver-Plated Brass  

Connection/Terminal Type


Body/Insulating Material


Product Weight

0.6   lb

Product Diameter

1.22   in

Product Length

3.82   in

Sell Pack Quantity

5   Each

Sell Pack Weight

3.15   lb

Sell Pack Width

4.12   in

Sell Pack Length

2.75   in

Sell Pack Height

5.94   in