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Low Voltage Customized Solutions


Custom low voltage panels designed to customer-specific applications (fuse cabinets, automatic transfer switches [ATS], metering systems, safety switches, etc.).


Engineering/designing solutions utilizing Mersen EPC standard products (fuse, fuse holder, fused switch, fused breaker, low voltage disconnect switch) into customizable panels.


Protection for people, equipment, and processes.

Scope of Work

  • Up to 600VAC or 125VDC
  • Control or distribution systems
  • Configurable
  • Low volume
  • Enclosed: TYPE (NEMA) 1, 12, 3R, 4, 4X metallic options
  • Various mounting options (wall, floor, pole)
  • Add-on features (surge protection, feed-through lugs, main fusible/non-fusible switch, temp control, potential transformer/current transformer [PT/CT] metering)

Does not cover:

  • Standard residential/commercial breaker panels
  • Electronic printed circuit boards