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Fused Coordination Panelboard

The next generation of Fused Coordination
Panelboards is here with coordinated protection
between overloads and short circuits.

The right design for your application

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Mersen’s Fused Coordination Panelboard (MFCP) does not require fuse replacement on common overload conditions and branch circuits can simply be reset. Mersen’s Amp-Trap 2000® class CC and class J fuses ensure minimal fuse let-thru energies and makes it easy to provide system coordination with our easy 2:1 coordination ratios for short circuits.

Mersen’s fused selective coordination panelboard is a UL67 listed panelboard that utilizes our commonly available class CC and J fuses.

  • Circuit Breaker trips instead of Fuse opening with 2X rating or more
  • Mersen Panel is UL listed to accept any manufacturer’s Class CC and J fuse
  • Class CC and J fuses are commonly stocked
  • Load Connections UL Listed for 2 wires to help with Inspection during last-minute changes



  • 120/208V, 3Ø, 4-wire;
  • 120/240V, 1Ø, 3-wire;
  • 277/480V, 3Ø, 4-wire;
  • 347/600V, 3Ø, 4-wire
Amps:  Main Bus Ampacity ranges from 250A to 400A
Number of Circuits: Up to 42 circuits
SCCR: 200kA@600V



UL 67 Listed Panelboard for use in all types of power distribution applications, including:

  • Lighting circuits
  • Appliances
  • Motors and HVAC equipment
  • UPS systems
  • Substation loads


Meets NEC® selective coordination code requirements for the following power systems:

  • 700.8 (Emergency)
  • 700.27 (Legally Required Standby)
  • 708.54 (Critical Operations)


Design Guide

Branch Circuit Protection:

  • UL Fuse/Circuit Breaker combination
  • Resettable overload protection
  • True class J and CC protection
  • Blown fuse indication

Only Three Branch Fuse Sizes:

  • 15A to 30A ATDR30
  • 35A to 60A AJT60
  • 70A to 100A AJT100


  • 20" wide

Main Options:

  • Main Lug Only (MLO)
  • Main non-fused switch
  • Main non-fused switch with fuses
  • Up to 42 Branch Circuits per Panel

Main Bus:

  • Standard silver-plated copper, with optional tin-plated aluminum


  • NEMA 1, 12, 3R

Optional Features:

  • 75kA rated UL 1449 Listed surge protection devices (required per NEC 700.8)
  • Feed through lugs
  • Sub feed lugs
Mersen fused coordination panelboards are custom designed products. For catalog number selection please consult factory.
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Branch Circuit Protection:

  • UL Fuse/Circuit Breaker combination
  • Resettable overload protection
  • True class J and CC protection
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