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Engineered Panels, Cabinets, and Controls

For any application, Mersen’s engineering expertise, combined with its broad and unique product offering allows for it to create innovative solutions for your critical applications.

If you need a control panel for high power applications, Mersen can build it. Mersen’s enclosed high power switches, fuses and equipment are high quality, standing up to the most harsh environments with a rigorous QA process to meet many demanding applications.

Mersen’s Engineering Expertise

  • Thermal Requirements: Heat balance studies are conducted to ensure proper enclosure selection and modification for extreme hot or cold environments.
  • Static and Mechanical Requirements: High SCCR equipment will ensure that equipment is mechanically sufficient to sustain the magnetic forces resulting from high fault currents. Structurally sound supports and enclosures to meet special requirements.
  • Arc Flash Management: As an expert in fusing, Mersen can provide a complete protection and control solution in an enclosure suitable for any environment to meet your arc flash management criteria.
  • Requirements for Corrosive, Harsh, or Dirty Environments: Panels and enclosures, metal or dielectric, are selected and modified to meet the needs of the environment and the need of the application.