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  • Hybrid DC Power Relay
  • Hybrid χs-EV Series

    The new Xs-EV product series is one of the latest developments in Mersen Hybrid DC Power Relays. Xs-EV have been engineered to provide high DC switching performances versus conventional mechanical power relays. This series addresses DC-applications like, but not limited to, Electrical Energy Storage, EV/HEV, DC Smart-grid, PV installations. Xs-EV provide maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate DC operation performance. This Power Relay is a Hybrid technology with the capability of switching both high voltage and high current, designed specially for electrical vehicle applications. All information provided in this datasheet relates to prototypes still under development. Most features can be modified to adjust to customers’ needs (incl. current/voltage ratings and timings). Some characteristics will require additional testing to confirm preliminary estimation (incl. cycling and extreme environment operation). Read more

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