New Mersen Power Electronics Video, “High Voltage, High Power Electronics Protection by Fuses,” Is Now Available

May 30, 2013

Mersen is pleased to announce the availability of a new video entitled “High Voltage, High Power Electronics Protection by Fuses” in Mersen’s Power Electronics Toolkit.


Mersen Power Electronics expert Jean-François de Palma, PhD., VP, Research and Development/Power Electronic Specification presented this topic at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Long Beach, California this year. The presentation includes a fuseology overview, leading technology trends toward DC applications, and the role fuses provide for superior high voltage, high power electronics protection solutions. The video includes footage of Dr. de Palma at APEC.


Mersen’s Power Electronic Toolkit is a compendium of resources that focuses on the components of power electronics bundling. Mersen's power electronic bundling solution helps maximize system performance, lower total costs, and reduce time to market. Mersen’s bundling solution is comprised of:

  • Fast-acting fuses and other electrical protection devices (switches and fail-safe surge protection devices) protect against catastrophic failure
  • Laminated bus bar plays a key role in power converters, and laminated and insulated bus bar provides connection between various components, limits parasitic inductance and eases assembly and integration, leading to an improvement of the overall power converter reliability, performance, and efficiency while minimizing assembly costs
  • Cooling Systems provide thermal protection for semiconductor components while enabling heat to dissipate


The video and the Power Electronics Toolkit can be accessed through the Mersen website.

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