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Leading Electrical Power Components with One New Look


As we grow and innovate, the Mersen product portfolio will continue to expand. It is in this effort that a uniform product brand image is being deployed to further position Mersen as a global leader in electrical power components.


Throughout 2014 we will focus on aligning our brands and products, including the update to the product labeling and packaging of many of the products you purchase today. The products and their respective catalog numbers remain unchanged. However, you will see a distinctive Mersen brand and clarity of a global product portfolio image.


The guidance for the product image incorporates several distinct elements, including an orange accent stripe and Mersen logo colors.  


You will see the global transitioning to the new product labeling at the beginning of 2014 with the releases of the following products:

  • Protistor® Square Body semiconductor protection fuses (PSC)
  • Modulostar® Fuseholders, UltraSafe™ Fuseholders (CC & J models)
  • NH Fuse Switch Disconnector (MULTIBLOC®, MULTIVERT®, MULTIFIX®), NH Fuse Rail (BSL)
  • Amp-Trap 2000® fuses (CC, J, L, RK1), Tri-Onic® fuses (RK5)
  • High Voltage fuses (E-Rated, R-Rated, and IEC)
  • Electronic Systems for Energy Management
  • Power Distribution Blocks


Our labeling transition is part of a multi-year brand transition project that also encompasses packaging. Starting December 1, 2011, all products shipped from Mersen manufacturing sites are packaged in eco-friendly, natural  boxes labeled with the Mersen brand name. Boxes also have a second label that states, “Eldre is Mersen,” “Ferraz Shawmut is Mersen,” “m.schneider is Mersen,” or “R-Theta is Mersen,” depending on the manufacturing plant.


Having a consistent overall look for packaging and labeling strengthens the Mersen brand. When choosing Mersen products, customers worldwide are assured of choosing the safest, most reliable electrical power components. With the new Mersen brand image, it’s now easier than ever to select a Mersen product.


Click here to download an information sheet on the Mersen brand transition. For more information about the Mersen brand transition, please contact your Mersen sales representative.

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