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Approvals & Standards

IEC 60282-1

  • VDE 0670 part 4
  • VDE 0670 part 402
  • DIN 43625

Key features & benefits

Mersen HV fuse-links have been used for reliable protection in high-voltage switchgear and controlgear and high-voltage systems for decades.
For the Limitor®-PTS range, Mersen innovates with new fuse-element designs to reduce power losses and new thermal striker to prevent overheating in the fuse compartment of the switch gear.
Mersen uses the best materials : fuse-elements are in pure silver, caps are in copper coated with silver and body is in ceramic.
Limitor®-PTS HV fuse-links are dedicated to protect transformers in combination with air or gas insulated switchgear against the thermal and dynamic effects of short-circuits.
Siemens and Ormazabal recommend Limitor®-PTS HV fuses to be used in their gas-insulated switchgear.

More specifications


Best used in SF6 insulated switch gear and compact switch gear

  • HV Transformer protection

Product Specifications

Voltage Range

6 ... 36 kV  

Ampere Range

10 ... 160 A  

REACH Compliant


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Item number - Catalog No.

Ampere rating

Fuse size

Total Clearing I2t

Indication System

Product weight

P1018315 - 45DB120V100PTS2

100   A

d=78mm, L=292mm  

145   kA²s


7.055   lb

R1018317 - 45DB120V100PTS3

100   A

d=78mm, L=442mm  

150   kA²s


11.244   lb

R1032945 - 45DB120V10PTS2

10   A

d=56mm, L=292mm  

3000   A²s


3.527   lb

Q1018316 - 45DB120V125PTS2

125   A

d=88mm, L=292mm  

296   A²s


9.259   lb

S1018318 - 45DB120V125PTS3

125   A

d=78mm, L=442mm  

300   kA²s


11.244   lb