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Aeronautics & Defence

Aeronautics & Defence

In aircraft, capacitors ensure the power supply of brake systems, ventilation, in-flight fueling, engine cooling and on-board systems. These are high-end applications that must function correctly over long periods even if there are large temperature differences. Reliable capacitors with a long life cycle are therefore very important. The signal range requires capacitors with a high switching capacity for which both FTCAP and Lclanché brand names are well-known.

Flash capacitors are also commonly used in lighting systems, for on-board application or In the infrastuture.

In military applications FTCAP capacitors are used in radar and air defence systems as well as in range-finders. The low-voltage capacitors for these applications are used for smoothing the voltage and compensating temporary voltage drops.
Capacitors for typical DC-link applications area lso available as well as full customized capacitor banks.