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ABAT15C: for Battery Container & Section Fuses

- Ultimate protection of PCS (battery inverter)
- Protection of BCP

ABAT15C: for Battery Container & Section Fuses
High DC protection ABAT15C

High DC protection

Mersen’s ABAT C DC fuses offer a very high level of protection for applications such as battery containers and inverters. Designed for applications up to 1500VDC with current ratings ranging from 500A to 1250A.

ABAT C fuses are compliant with IEC 60269-7, the new standard for battery protection. They are designed to provide a high Interrupting Rating along with low power losses. Manufactured in France, ABAT C fuses carry the CE mark and are UL Recognized.


fast and compact fuses for EES
ABAT15C: 1500VDC max – 500A up to 1250A
1000 up to 1500 VDC (L/R≤3ms)



  • Designed for DC applications
  • Dedicated to battery protection
  • High Max. Interrupting Rating
  • Several terminals can be provided



Specially designed for protection of

  • inverters,
  • battery container,
  • battery rack / string,
  • power conversion system (PCS),
  • battery connection panel (BCP).

o UL Recognized - UL 248-13

o IEC 60 269-4 VSI

o IEC 60 269-7 (standard for battery protection)



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