Surge Protective Devices


Mersen, an industry pioneer in surge protection technology, has developed a world-class suite of surge protective devices for any
and all applications, from facility service entrance to individual
equipment point-of-use. 
Mersen's SPDs provide advanced
overvoltage protection 
by featuring TPMOV®
to meet today's toughest requirements.  

Wallmount and Panelmount NEMA Surge Protective Devices

Surge-Trap® NEMA Type 1 wallmount and panelmount devices feature surge capacities ranging from 50 to 450kA designed with Mersen’s industry leading TPMOV® technology inside, making these the safest and most reliable products on the market. Options include surge counter, through the door disconnect switch, audible alarm, dry contact, and EMI/RFI filtering. As a Type 1 SPD, Mersen’s Surge-Trap NEMA SPDs are suitable for any and all applications from facility service entrance to individual equipment point-of-use. 


DIN-Rail Surge Protective Devices

Surge-Trap® DIN-Rail surge protective devices provide advanced overvoltage protection for OEMs and panel builders looking for devices within existing control panels and panelboards. They utilize Mersen's patented TPMOV® design, which does not require fuses, a fuse holder, or additional wiring to meet UL 1449 Fourth Edition standards, thus providing substantial cost savings and reduced installation times. They also feature a visual indicator, easy installation, fail-safe design, mechanical coding, and remote monitoring. The Surge-Trap DIN-Rail SPD base is designed to be mounted on 35mm DIN-rail while plugs are easily replaceable upon failure without touching the base or the hassle of rewiring.


In-Line Surge Protective Devices

Mersen’s Surge-Trap In-line surge protective devices are ideal for protection of LED outdoor luminaires (street lights). The device is a robust 10kV, UL Type 4 device for discharging voltage surges while providing a very fine voltage protection level, in accordance with EN/IEC 61643. Due to the exposure of the extremely sensitive LED electronics to lightning-induced overvoltages, Mersen’s In-line SPD is a widespread market solution amongst OEM manufacturers of LED lighting systems.



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SPD Components for OEMs

Mersen's patented TPMOV® (Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor) eliminates common destructive failure modes associated with standard MOVs. This Mersen invention was the first fail-safe Thermally Protected MOV able to pass all UL 1449 Third Edition tests as well as even more stringent tests applied by our customers. A few years later, Mersen TPMOVs are often imitated, but there is still no match to Mersen’s technology.



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Surge Protection

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