AJT Time-Delay Class J Fuses

Amp-Trap 2000® SmartSpot AJT fuses now provide a visual open fuse indicator. With advanced material technology the AJT fuse provides IEC Type 2 No Damage protection to main, feeder, and branch circuits, for all types of loads — yet, they require only half the mounting space needed for 600VAC Class RK fuses. AJT’s time-delay characteristics are ideal for handling typical motor and transformer inrush currents, while also providing superior current-limiting ability. 


HSJ High-Speed Class J Fuses

The High Speed J (HSJ) fuse combines the low I2t of a semiconductor fuse and the branch circuit performance of a Class J UL listed fuse. This fuse was designed for the starting characteristics of solid state motor controllers. The HSJ can provide branch circuit protection per NEC requirements, as well as very low  I2t  for protection of power semiconductors such as Diodes, SCRs, GTOs and SSRs.


A4J Fast-Acting Class J Fuses

A4J Class J fuses deliver excellent current-limiting protection to a wide variety of applications. Their unique dimensions prevent the substitution of other fuses with lower voltage ratings, interrupting ratings, or current-limiting capability.




US3J and US6J Fuse Holders

Mersen UltraSafe Modular 600 Volt Fuse Holders for Class J fuses introduce a new level of safety and ease for installing or replacing Class J fuses. UltraSafe holders qualify as “finger-safe” to an IP20 grade of protection under IEC standards. The US3J accommodates 30A Class J or 22 x 58 mm French Ferrule* fuses. The US6J is for 60A Class J fuses. UltraSafe holders are available in compact 1, 2, or 3 pole units, with or without blown-fuse indicators in each pole. Multi-pole units can also be made up in the field by using the multiple-pole Assembly Kits. All units have provisions for locking in the open position for safety during fuse changeouts or equipment servicing. US3J and US6J holders can be snap-mounted to 35 mm DIN-rail and they have a unique latch which will stay open to allow re-positioning of the holder in the future. UltraSafe body material is tough and durable polyamide.





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