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  • IEC High-Speed D & D0 Fuse-Links AC-DC Protection
  • RECTICUR D & D0 gR 500VAC / 440VDC & 440VAC (IEC)

    The D fuse-system is the first generation of screw fuse-systems in the German DIN standard. It is still used in many installations. This D system comprises the sizes DII, DIII, DIV, DV. The D0 fuse-system is the most modern of the screw systems in the German DIN standard. This system comprises the sizes D01, D02 and D03. Those D & D0 ultra-fast acting “gR” ranges are dedicated to semi-conductor protection, in applications where fuse-links are accessible to non-trained persons and can also be changed by them. They are used for the protection of components such as diodes, thyristors or AC/DC motor drives. The “R” stands for the English word Rectifier. D & D0 fuse-links are available at the rated current range from 2A up to 200A. Read more

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