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When our all aluminum high performance heatsinks cannot meet the operational performance required and liquid cooling is not an option, it is time to try our mixed metal solution. Weight is a cost driver and a heatsink design that incorporates an aluminum baseplate, copper fins or mixed copper and aluminum fins, provides the highest performance at the lowest cost. The mixed metal heatsink was developed to enhance heat spreading for those semi-conductors developing high heat flux and limited allowable temperature rise. The combination heatsink is offered with MF (3.43 mm) fin spacing and AF (5.49 mm) fin spacing as a standard configurable assembly. However, we do supply copper baseplates with DF (6.86 mm) spacing using a Hollowfin® which effectively provides MF fin spacing of 3.43 mm with fins up to 118 mm high. No glue is used in the process.



  • All that apply to Fabfin®.
  • Increased performance with use of copper.
  • Can also apply to dual baseplate.
  • Aluminum baseplate with Cu or Al/Cu fins.
  • Copper baseplate and aluminum fins.
  • Selective use of copper and aluminum fins.


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