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Class R Fuse Reducer - R

Mersen fuse reducers allow the use of lower rated fuses in existing equipment having clips with higher ampere ratings. The use of closer rated time-delay fuses can improve circuit protection. For example, renewable or one-time fuses feeding a motor can be replaced with fuses sized closer to the motor nameplate current. Non-rejection reducers will allow Class H, K or R fuses to fit Class H or K clips. Rejection-type reducers will allow only Class R fuses to fit Class R clips or only Class J fuses to fit Class J clips. Class J fuse reducers are not for bolt on applications.





  • R132 - V217529
  • R162 - J218554
  • R166 - D219078
  • R212 - W219600
  • R262 - N222054
  • R266 - Y222799
  • R412 - L223317
  • R422 - C201137
  • R612 - W211389
  • R622 - C211901
  • R632 - K213449
  • R636 - T214469
  • R642 - V214976



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