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MULTIFIX® 60 Plate Clamps

MULTIFIX® 60 is a system for energy distribution comprising a variety of modular combinable components. The energy distribution is carried out via copper bus bars in a 60 mm bus bar system up to 630 A, 400 V AC, 500 V AC, 690 V AC, 45–62 Hz. Short circuit withstand tested to VDE 0660 part 500 and IEC 60439-1. MULTIFIX® 60 is suitable for triple pole, quadruple pole and quintuple pole applications. The components of the MULTIFIX® 60 system are mounted directly without drilling. This method offers high flexibility for extension and alteration of existing installations -> reduced installation time. MULTIFIX® 60 Plate clamps are for terminal connection of flat or flexible, laminated copper bars.



  • For bus bars with width 12 - 30mm and thickness 5 - 10mm
  • For terminal connection of flat or flexible, laminated copper bars


  • Ampere Range (A) 2 - 630 A
  • Standards in accordance with IEC/EN 60439-1 and VDE 0660 part 500
  • Application Panel board builders
    Control system engineering
    Industrial plants
    Heating & air conditioning systems
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes


  • SAS01205 - M1026455
  • SAS01206 - N1026456
  • SAS01586 - P1026457
  • SAS01587 - Q1026458
  • SAS01996 - R1026459
  • SAS01997 - Z1026489



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