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Copper Air Cooled Heat Sinks

An all copper Fabfin® heatsink provides maximum forced air cooling performance. The fabrication process is the same as that for an aluminum Fabfin® heatsink and is offered on MF and AF fin spacing (3.43 mm and 5.49 mm respectively). While copper provides outstanding performance, the overall cost is high. Other fin spacing can be provided when fins are silver soldered into slots. No glue is used in the process.



  • All that apply to Fabfin®.
  • Swaged or soldered.
  • Fins can be taller than 118mm.
  • Spacing is variable.
  • Fin thickness is variable.
  • No epoxy/glue used in fabrication process.


  • Application Anywhere maximum performance is required but where weight is not an issue.
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Consult Technical Services


  • Copper Heatsink


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