High Current DC

Deformable Disconnect Switches

PBD-D Range 2000VDC (deformable) (20kA to 160kA)

For more than 100 years, Mersen has been providing the market with safe, reliable and longer life time off-load disconnectors.These devices offer high performances and robustness for heavy duty requierements with very limited maintenance. Mersen offers one of the largest product ranges on the market and is the global leader. Mersen has a switch solution that will meet your unique needs. Our standard PBD-D High Current Switch product line is rigorously engineered to meet your technical specifications. Operation : They can be operated manually, with a pneumatic piston or with an adapted motor (see list) up to 1000 cycles. Signaling, Terminal Box or Locking system can be studied and customized. Acceptable ripple current at 2% Indoor in a currentless state Ambient air should not exceed +40°C (otherwise please consult) Altitude should not exceed 1000 m Relative humidity should not exceed 95%



  • Deformation of Busbar during Operation without need of Flexible connexion
  • No Load operation
  • Indoor Type - Horinzontal axis mounting only offering very compact design
  • Configuration with 1 pole. Upon request, two poles or change-over design by side association of two disconnectors
  • Mechanical endurance 1000 cycles (with respect to maintenance instructions)
  • Connexion plates in Aluminium
  • Large customization possible with :
  • - connexion plate (length, fixing holes)
  • - Manual, motor or pneumatic drives
  • - auxilaries switches, blocking magnets, locking devices
  • - dimension fitting
  • Typical temperature rise at nominal current 15°K above busbar (with 40°Cmax.)
  • Temperature rise at nominal current is less than 65°K (with 40°C max. ambient temperature)
  • Visible break by direct seeing of the mobile silver-plated copper contacts
  • All contacts are fitted with solid silver, high temperature brazed (special process)
  • Connections to busbar by welding and self-supporting (Busbar must be sized to withstand the disconnector additionnal weight)
  • Electrical contact with silver to silver contact which offer high short-circuit current withstand and Low and constant voltage drop
  • Large insulation and creepage distances using Fiberglass reiforced polyester insulators
  • Ponctual temperature withstand without equipment damages 140°C
  • Upon request, two poles or change-over design by side association of two disconnectors


  • Standards IEC 60947-3 and IEC 60077-1
  • Application Power conversion with the possible functions to disconnect, or to change-over.
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes


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