Introducing the next step in fuse technology and arc flash mitigation - an intelligent, controllable fuse for medium voltage applications. The Mersen Medium Voltage Controllable Fuse provides arc flash protection with a plug-in retrofit to existing MV fuses at a low total cost and minimal installation downtime and ownership maintenance.  

Arc Flash Mitigation

Mersen’s Medium Voltage Controllable Fuse (MVCF) System is designed to mitigate the Arc-Flash hazard on the low-voltage side of a medium voltage transformer. The industry’s first fuse to provide normal short-circuit and overload protection while having the capability to open on command, this fuse is a cost-effective arc flash solution with minimal installation downtime.


Why Mersen Developed the MVCF

OSHA Code 29 CFR-1910 Subpart S requires employers to:

  • Identify and analyze arc-flash hazards
  • Provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • For many installations, the arc-flash energy is over 40 cal/cm2, which is too high for PPE, requiring owners to prevent access to those areas unless power is disconnected. This is typically unworkable and does not mitigate the hazard.


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The Problem the MVCF Solves

The line-sides of the main Low Voltage breakers have potential for arc-flash energies well beyond the capabilities of any PPE. The reason for this is that the closest upstream protective device is usually a Medium Voltage fuse on the primary side of the transformer. This fuse is designed to provide short circuit and overload protection without opening during the normal transformer in-rush current.


Medium Voltage Controllable Fuse

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